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Present Your Request
"Do   not   be   anxious   about   anything, but in  everything,  by  prayer  and   petition,   with thanksgiving, present your requests to God. And the peace of God, which transcends all understanding, will guard your hearts and your minds in Christ Jesus." Philippians 4:6-7
The start of a new year, new mount, new job or anything new in life can come with   a   lot   of   excitement   and   many   plans   and dreams.   However,   it can also come with anxiety, worry, and the fear of unknown. A new year, mount, week or faze of life does not erase the pain of the past, neither does it guarantee joy and peace.
Circumstances might   remain   the   same.   Sickness   can   last   longer   than   expected. Moreover,   the   troubles   expected   to   go   away can,   in   fact,  stay  the  same,  or increase. Moreover, above that, we tend to worry about  things that will probably not even come to pass.  So, as we look to the days and months ahead with anticipation or maybe with  dread, stop for a moment and present the request. Take all the worries, fears, anxious thoughts, plans, dreams, and hopes, to the throne of God. Speak to Him about them. Moreover, as lay them before Him, bring Him thanks. The One who has carried you thus far, through the joy and pain, through loss and gain, and through the blessings and trials, will also carry you today and the days ahead. Moreover, as He carries you, He will give you peace of your heart and mind. Rest assured. The God of the universe sees you today and holds your tomorrows. The unknown is known to Him, and the impossible is made possible.  The final reflection on those words is on peace - this divine gift for the humanity. The role of peace is to guard every person that brought his petitions to God in prayers. We have to understand that soon after we present our petition in front of God we will experience some turbulence in our mind and   heard. For some of us could wonder if God will consider our petition, or if we ask for something inappropriate or… or… or…. Out mind and emotions need to be protected, in our time of waiting for God’s answer we need to function in our relationship with our families, at work or school. Who can protect us in those times? The answer is clear: the peace of God, not the assurance of any human beings. In the time of waiting to protect yourself with peace of God that can help you in your waiting and bless your time until the answer of God will come!

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